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Opinions on the DNP

Read a collection of essays by DNP columnist Lisa Chism, DNP, NP, NCMP.

The doctor of nursing practice degree has its roots in doctoral programs dating back to the 1960s. Now, since the American Association of Colleges of Nursing has recommended the degree as the entry to practice degree for all nurse practitioners starting in 2015, the DNP has come into the spotlight, gaining positive and negative attention alike. Many nurse practitioners wonder what the degree will do for them and their practice. Meanwhile, close to 200 doctor of nursing practice programs are conferring practice doctorates for nurses and graduates from these programs are applying their new knowledge in practice. This collection of essays by DNP Perspectives columnist Lisa Chism, DNP, NP, NCMP, tackles the tough topics surrounding the DNP degree.

In this booklet you will find the following essays:

  • The Dark Side of the DNP
  • The Intangibles of the DNP
  • The Roots of the DNP
  • Resisting the Resistance to Change
  • DNP and PhD Nurses as Research Partners
  • DNP and the 'Doctor' Title

Click below to get the low-down on this much-debated degree.

DNP Articles Archives

Another larger than life lie presented by clip board carrying old women making political changes. The DNP will never be much. Several Universities do not accept it for tenure. The degree does nothing but make money for universities and further a political agenda for the lousy ANA. No expansion of scope of practice, no barrier removals. The NP's in Texas are restricted and the NP's in Alabma cannot write for controlled substances. Work on eliminating barriers. Lastly stop taking new grad BSN's with no experience to NP programs. They need to work to understand and treat sick people.

Michael  Jacobs,  MSN FNP,  Urgent CareNovember 04, 2011
El Paso, TX

Sorry, but the DNP is not a real doctorate. It's a degree forced on colleges by accrediting body....award the degee or lose accreditation.

My degree was a total of 70 credits and <1000 hours of clinical training. My RN degree was harder....we need to fix NP education. I want real training like the "other" side gets in medicine. The fact is, we can't get access to real meaningful education...we're all politics. That's it. Sorry I care about patients and the "DNP" I see coming out of school are poorly educated. So was I.

Tanya Jones,  NP, DNP, FNPNovember 03, 2011


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