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August 31, 2015 - Volume 2 Issue 5


DNPs in Transitional Care

This article examines the role and contributions of DNPs in the prevention of frequent readmission of chronically ill older adults within 30 days of discharge.


NP to MD: Is it Worth It?

This article explores a quietly but passionately discussed subject among NPs: Should I go to medical school? Two former nurse practitioners share the trials, tribulations and ultimate rewards of becoming physicians.

Reducing Foodborne Illness

It's National Food Safety Month, and that's an opportune time to share foodborne illness prevention information with patients. A dietitian shares practical safety tips for the kitchen.

Celebrating 35 Years

Nurse Practitioner Associates for Continuing Education (NPACE) is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Find out how this organization got started, and how it continues to thrive today.

Asthma in Women

Women with asthma have particular treatment challenges. Several theories have been proposed to explain why women tend to struggle with greater symptom severity.

CE Offering: Antibiotic Resistance in UTI Treatment

This article educates NPs about how to differentiate between complicated and uncomplicated UTIs in women and how to implement evidence-based practice guidelines to treat the illness and avoid antibiotic resistance.


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Hello, Thank you J. Tompkins and Julia for your comments. As the editor, I just want to clarify the AMA had no role in this article. We planned this article to report on the reasons why some NPs decide to become physicians. We have seen and heard this topic discussed often, hence the coverage. The article is in no way intended to minimize the great skill and contributions of NPs.

Michelle PerronOctober 05, 2015
King of Prussia, PA

Seems like the AMA has a stranglehold here in an "NP journal" as well as with the health care system as a whole. I cannot believe that in this day and age, with the access to myriad studies indicating quality health care provided by NPs, that we have some of our (previous) own disparaging our practice. Show us some proof if you are going to make such comments. If it is a personal goal to continue to higher educational attainment, I say go for it, I'm pursuing my DNP now, but to indicate that NPs are "less than" or need supervision/oversite or ongoing required collaboration agreements is turning a blind eye to decades of research indicating exactly the opposite. It also shows an ignorance to the needs for health care for so many Americans and only builds more barriers to care for those that need it most.

I will also be tossing this journal from now on-plenty of well researched journal articles out there rather than force feeding of the AMA agenda.

J. Tompkins

J Tompkins,  FNPOctober 03, 2015
Morgan Hill, CA

Exactly how much did the AMA pay you to write the article "Np to MD: Is it worth it"? While the topic could have been of interest, it had bias dancing off the pages and was completely out of touch with the growing body of literature that demonstrates that nurse practitioners provide quality, cost effective health care. A messaging was ridiculous - MD's have more prestige, NPs are not only ill-prepared but are unable to keep abreast of changing medical information, they practice in "grand canyons" of knowledge gap. In the future, your publication will be headed straight to the recycle bin. I, meanwhile, will be reading peer-reviewed articles that keep me providing the quality health care for which NPs are known and for which patients seek.

Julia October 01, 2015


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