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October 19, 2015 - Volume 2 Issue 6


Saying No to Reconstruction

What are the reasons why some women choose not to undergo breast reconstruction after mastectomy? Our cover article explores this issue. View more information about breast cancer on our Breast Cancer Awareness Month page at


Contraception in Primary Care

NPs in primary care settings should be equipped to manage contraception in women with chronic illnesses. This article provides information about a tool to guide primary care NPs in making treatment decisions for this population.

Heart Failure in Women

As with heart disease in general, affected women are underrepresented in clinical trials about heart failure and are therefore not receiving device therapies that could benefit their health.

Weight Loss Gone Mobile

As the number of people who are overweight continues to increase, so too does America's use of smartphones. Learn how to bring the two worlds together. Mobile apps can be a valuable tool in the effort to help patients achieve weight loss.

Women's Health Practice

Find out why women's health NPs find their practice so rewarding, and why the specialty needs more nurse practitioners in its ranks.

Preventing Recurrent UTIs

Can a daily cranberry supplement reduce the incidence of recurrent urinary tract infections in healthy adult women?

Cervical Cancer Screening

The National Association for Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health announces the findings of its survey of women on the topic of cervical cancer screening.

CE Offering: Menopause Update

Three new therapies are available to help perimenopausal and postmenopausal women cope with symptoms and improve quality of life. After reading this article, take the CE quiz online at


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Dear Erica: Planned Parenthood NP:
I was disturbed and saddened at the Planned Parenthood Advertisement in the October 2015 edition of Nurse Practitioner Perspective (page 18). In light of the evidence that recently became public regarding the selling of fetuses for profit, it is difficult to understand how a highly educated caring professional, such as a nurse practitioner could be “proud” to be a part of such violent activities against children and society. Although the add states that at Planned Parenthood, they “Care. No matter what, “ it is difficult to find caring in a company profiting from the lucrative practice of performing Abortions and selling fetuses.
Abortion harms our children and their mothers. As a Nurse Practitioner and mother, I look forward to the day when places such as Planned Parenthood are no more.
Nancy Andrews, DNP, FNP-BC

nancy andrews,  adjunct faculty/FNPNovember 20, 2015
Augusta, GA


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