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Nurse Practitioner Perspective and ADVANCE for NPs & PAs

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to Nurse Practitioner Perspective or ADVANCE for NPs & PAs. This guide explains the submission process for each media type and provides tips that will assist in successful publication.

Nurse Practitioner Perspective
is a magazine for nurse practitioners as well as advanced practice nurses who have earned a doctorate of nursing practice (DNP). ADVANCE for NPs & PAs is a vibrant website and web community that publishes peer-reviewed scientific articles written by NPs and PAs, plus blogs and columns on subjects of interest to NPs and PAs.

Nurse Practitioner Perspective
Nurse Practitioner Perspective publishes articles on specific topic areas requested by NPs: education, career development, practice ownership, business management, legal issues, prescribing news and trends, the DNP degree, national health issues, nutrition, complementary care, and the intersection of person and provider (a category we call "The NP Life"). Each issue of Nurse Practitioner Perspective contains one peer-reviewed article that is eligible for CE credit. Articles are selected for publication in Nurse Practitioner Perspective based on their quality and timeliness and whether the subject fits into the established topic categories described above. After review by the editor, some submissions are also reviewed by our editorial advisory board or our manuscript review panel. The only article submissions that undergo blinded peer review are those on prescribing topics and those considered for CE credit.

Articles accepted for publication in Nurse Practitioner Perspective appear in the print and digital editions of the magazine and are then archived on the ADVANCE for NPs & PAs website (www.advanceweb.com/NPPA). Archived articles are stored permanently and are searchable and retrievable using author names and key words. Manuscript requirements for Nurse Practitioner Perspective:
  • Submit the article as a Microsoft Word document, emailed to mperron@advanceweb.com. Maximum word length is 1,500 words (including the reference list). CE articles should be 2,500 words (including references).
  • At the start of the Word document, include your full name, credentials, workplace and contact information. If this is not at the top of your document, it will not be reviewed. 
  • Use your choice of font. Do not insert footnote, endnote or other formatting features in the document. It should be a clean and simple presentation of the article text.
  • Submit tables and figures in a separate Word document. Do not apply color or other special features. Design tables using the Table feature of Microsoft Word.
  • If reference citations are necessary for the information presented in your article, follow AMA style for numbering and citations. Find a tipsheet for AMA reference style here: http://library.nymc.edu/informatics/amastyle.cfm. Place the reference list in the same Word document as the article.
  • Visual images can enhance the presentation of your article. Obtain permission to reproduce any material owned or created elsewhere. Write captions explaining what is shown in the image, and provide these captions in a single Word document. Electronic images should be sent as jpeg files at a resolution of at least 300 dpi. If this resolution is not available, the image should be saved at a minimum width of 8 inches.
ADVANCE for NPs & PAs (www.advanceweb.com/NPPA) is a website and community that attracts more than 1 million visits per year. The site presents a blend of peer-reviewed clinical content, professional news, blogs and columns, and live and archived learning events. The site is also home to the National Salary Survey of NPs & PAs, conducted annually.

This website publishes clinical articles written by NPs, PAs and members of other health professions. Manuscripts written by students in NP and PA programs are also eligible for consideration. Clinical articles are evaluated in a blinded peer review process by our manuscript review panel.

Topics published on the ADVANCE for NPs & PAs website are wide ranging, but we especially encourage submissions on pediatrics, women's health, men's health, geriatrics, allergy and asthma, oncology and emergency medicine. These topics have been identified in reader surveys. We also encourage the submission of case studies and have a dedicated area for these articles (Case Files).

Manuscript requirements for the ADVANCE for NPs & PAs website:
  • Submit your article as a Microsoft Word document that is designed simply, without endnotes, footnotes or other extraneous formatting. Maximum length is 2,000 words (including the reference list). Send the submission to mperron@advanceweb.com.
  • At the start of the Word document, provide your complete name, credentials, workplace and contact information. If this information is not at the top of your document, it will not be reviewed.
  • Include the reference list in the same Word document as the article. For reference citations and formatting, follow AMA style. A tipsheet is available at http://library.nymc.edu/informatics/amastyle.cfm.
  • Save tables and figures in documents separate from the article. Do not use color or other design elements in tables. Design them simply using the Table feature in Word.
  • Photographs, diagnostic studies and similar images add visual interest and are encouraged. Obtain permission to reproduce from their original creator or owner prior to submission. If you are submitting a patient photo, send the release form with your submission. Electronic images should be sent as jpeg files at a resolution of at least 300 dpi. If this resolution is not available, the image should be saved at a minimum width of 8 inches.
  • Manuscripts submitted to ADVANCE for NPs & PAs are sent to the review panel once every 8 weeks (approximately). Your submission will be included in the next scheduled review cycle. In most cases, we are able to notify you about acceptance 8 to 10 weeks after submission.
  • If accepted, your article will be published on our site and appear on the homepage during the first week that it is live. After about a week, it will move to our archives, where it is permanently searchable and retrievable using your name or key words from the article.
Should you have any questions about the manuscript submission process for our respected print and web media products for NPs and PAs, please contact the editor, Michelle Perron, at mperron@advanceweb.com. Phone: 610-278-1400, Ext. 1221.

For more information on submitting your manuscript, please download our guidelines.

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