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How Are Your Fellow Healthcare Workers Voting?

Some say Obama is a keeper while others say Romney is the path to change

As we approach the presidential election, blocks of support for incumbent President Barack Obama and his opponent Willard "Mitt" Romney form a political patchwork. Those now-familiar blue and red swatches, sewn together with threads of debate, are indicative not only of platform preferences, but also of our democratic freedom of choice. Some pull to the left, some to the right, and others are tied in a knot dead center. In the end, they will all add their handiwork to the final tapestry of the Presidential Election 2012. Read below what some of your colleagues are thinking as they head to the polls Nov. 6. And if you're still undecided, check out this pdf "Who Should You Vote For?".

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My concern is that if Obama doesn't get in this is our future.
Many people are not old enough to remember what it was like before abortions were legal. I do, and sadly I remember all to well watching young girls and women dying horrible deaths; with us in the nursing/medical profession being unable to do anything to save them. Or they were brought into the emergency room, almost at the point of death, because when they were found in a motel, where they had bled so much they were beyond saving.

Many might think if abortions are no longer legal, they won't be done, that is so wrong, 'BACK STREET ABORTIONS' had been going on for generations, they only stopped when abortions were made legal. In this country it was Roe v Wade that accomplished it. If Romney/Ryan over turn it and they are trying very hard to, it is frightening. You may think, so what if there are back street abortions, if they do that to themselves its their own fault. No one has the right to judge what is right for another person, you do not know what circumstances they are in. It would take a book for me to cover all the examples I have heard, and experienced throughout the years - all very heart breaking, and believe me it could affect your child, sister or mother. Instead I'm going to give you a few examples as to what was entailed in these back street abortions.
Remember the cervix is very soft and easily penetrated during pregnancy, that alone will cause hemorrhage.
Most were done in back rooms on a back street. Most were done under filthy conditions, and with what ever instruments they had or used, if lucky, they were washed between each woman/girl. The standard instrument used was a wire coat hanger hook, or a crochet hook. They would push it up into the uterus to hook the fetus out. They frequently punctured the uterus, and rarely made sure the placenta came out with the fetus. Of course no anaesthetic- all done on a kitchen table. They took their money for the job and sent the girls/women on their way, most went to a motel close by, that is where many died. If they were lucky enough to live, they usually suffered severe infections to such an extent, they were made sterile. Do we really want that potential future for all the women in your family or your friends?

Dawn Griffis,  RN instructorOctober 25, 2012
White River Jct, VT


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