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A Humbling Journey

Outside the Comforts

In this month's Opinions & Essays column, a nurse practitioner from Canada writes about his experiences working with AIDS patients in Zimbabwe. His observations may be surprising. "Despite what you're told (mostly by people who don't know) or what you've heard (the news rarely broadcasts the good), life is wonderful, happy, curious, resilient, hopeful, exciting, fulfilling, freeing and most of all humbling outside the comforts of North America."
 This NP from Canada finds his work uniquely rewarding.

Cervical Procedures: What Risk?

Research has demonstrated an increased risk of pregnancy complications in women who have undergone excisional cervical procedures. These complications include preterm delivery, low birth weight and preterm premature rupture of membranes. Our new article explores what is known about the link between cervical procedures and pregnancy risks.
   More research is needed.

Free Online Conference!

Population health management is the coordination of healthcare that emphasizes assessing and improving the health of a group, rather than focusing on only patients in need of immediate care. By analyzing patterns across the population, clinical and financial outcomes are improved. During our Sept. 10 online conference, we will explore patient engagement tools, critical elements, outcomes assessment, ROI, impact on readmission, value scores and more.
 The keynote is by pop health guru David Nash, MD, MBA

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Make Your References Work for You

References can make or break a job offer, so it is important that you understand how to choose the right references. Career Coach blogger Renee Dahring, MSN, NP, shares five things that are keys to making the most of your job references. Whether you're a new grad or an experienced NP or PA, there are specific things to keep in mind about identifying and listing your references for that next position.
 Rule of thumb: one supervisor and two peers.

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