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Ultrasound Guidance for CVC

The ability to place central lines with ultrasound guidance is an integral skill for trauma intensivists and their advanced practitioners. This new study, which found that NPs and PAs trained in the technique had lower complication rates than trauma surgeons, suggests that trauma centers should consider mandating the use of ultrasound guidance in all nonemergent CVC cannulations.
 This study demonstrated several key points.

Prone Play Is Important

This new article explains why NPs and PAs must educate all parents about the importance of infant supine sleeping, as well as prone play positioning. Families must be aware of any and all risk factors and developmental issues associated with SIDS and lack of prone play time.
   Make sure infants get their 'tummy time.'

Use Your Poker Face

First-Year PA blogger Caroline Pilgrim, PA-C, recently shared her principles for working in primary care. "As I forge ahead on this year-one journey, I am creating tenets to avoid burnout. I'm honestly not a huge believer in self-help or magical powers of positive thinking, but we all function day-to-day with principles and ideas influencing us, whether we admit it or not." Check them out!
 You'll need a strong constitution

Seeking PA Students!

We are seeking current physician assistant students to write for our popular Student Blog. Are you a faculty member with a couple of students who have interesting observations and can write well? Or maybe your son, daughter, neice or nephew is in PA school. Please ask them to send an email introducing themselves and providing three ideas for blog topics about being a PA student. Send the email to
 Seeking PA students!