ADVANCE for NPs and PAs

Legal Issues

Caveats for Care

Entire books have been written to describe strategies for avoiding malpractice claims. Here's a quick and practical guide to keeping yourself out of the courtroom, including the following tips: Be respectful. Be honest. Listen. Take time to explain. Document well. Protect everyone during intimate exams. Arrange for appropriate testing. Consult or refer as appropriate.
 Are you doing everything you can to avoid malpractice?

Selective Mutism

Selective mutism (SM) is a disorder that results in a functional impairment of public speaking. A child with SM fails to speak in specific social situations despite normal speech in familiar or comfortable surroundings. Communication may involve nodding, gesturing, whispering or one-word responses. This disorder may co-exist with anxiety.
 Early identification increases the potential for academic success!

Transtheoretical Model for Change

DNP blogger Walt Reddish urges healthcare providers to push patients toward healthier lifestyles. He says, "Most of us settle into familiar routines in our lives and jobs and, no matter how inefficient or unhealthy our routines may be, we are very reluctant to disrupt the flow of our conventions. It is the responsibility of the provider to coax the individual toward healthier choices."
 Be champions for change!

Not Created Equal

The meniscal cartilage of the knee is comprised of the medial meniscus and lateral meniscus. Misinterpretation of an injury can bring about a dismal result because patient expectations do not match the realities of that injury. Healthcare providers must work to ensure that patients are fully equipped with accurate information after sustaining a meniscal injury.

 A look at the complex world of meniscal injuries.