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Job Market 2015

For nurse practitioners and physician assistants entering the job market or seeking new opportunities in 2015, experts say the prospects are excellent and likely to leave many candidates with multiple offers and options. We just posted an article with tips and advice from NP faculty and recruiters. Find out where they think the demand will be in the new year.

 Great need predicted in mental health.

Another Use of Stem Cells?

Cardiomyopathy is a common disease of the heart muscle that often leads to heart failure. Current standard treatment options for cardiomyopathy include medical management, lifestyle changes and surgical procedures consisting of left ventricular assist devices and heart transplantation. Despite the available options, more than half of people with cardiomyopathy will die within 5 years of diagnosis. Learn about a new approach that involves stem cells.

 This could be a new wave of therapy.

12 Customer Service Tips for the Holidays and Beyond

Aesthetics Practice Today blogger Mina Grasso, NP, recently posted some great advice for all clinicians. We're teasing you with a couple right here: Earn trust by showing confidence in your interaction with the patient in all aspects ... from greeting to treating to teaching. And, remember that it's more about the experience for the patient than it is the technical skill.

 What tips can you share?

Health Disparities in Teen Moms

NPs and PAs are in an ideal position to evaluate and report data on vulnerable adolescent mothers and their children. In light of the national trend toward school district budget and program cuts, research outcomes will be important to support funding future programs and policy change. Most importantly, NPs and PAs must recognize the holistic impact and possible adverse consequences facing adolescent parents and their children.

 Learn about specific health disparities.