ADVANCE for NPs and PAs
July 30, 2015

Mental Health

Treatment-Resistant Depression

Depression is one of the most disabling and expensive illnesses in the world. It is the most common mental illness and the fourth most common cause of disability. Although depressive disorders are psychiatric conditions, the vast majority of patients with depressive disorders are followed in the primary care setting, and more than 70% of antidepressant prescriptions are written by primary care providers.  Consider these nonpharmacologic adjuncts to improve management.

Insurance Credentialing: Key Basics

Insurance credentialing can be a confusing, tedious and lengthy process. However, practitioners don't get paid by third-party payers unless they are credentialed and have a contract in place. It's important to understand what credentialing is and what it is not.  Learn more here.

CE On Demand

Continuing education is critical for every nurse practitioner. You need to keep up with a wide range of health issues, and new developments are being made all the time. CE On Demand now allows you to get 12 months of unlimited online CE for just $34.99!  If you need 4 contact hours or more, sign up now and save!

The Dangers of Social Media

If an employer wants information about you the first place they will turn to is the internet, according to "Career Coach" blogger, Renee Dahring. This is where they will find out what you didn't tell them in your resume or interview. You might be surprised what can be learned with one quick Google search. And for many employers, their search will begin with your social media accounts.  Your internet presence could make or break your job chances.

When you sign in to your ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs account, all of your latest activity is displayed on your easy-to-read dashboard, including jobs you saved, jobs you applied to, searches you saved, resumes you built and cover letters you wrote. Having all of this information in one place helps you monitor your progress and make swift adjustments.

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