ADVANCE for NPs and PAs
January 29, 2015


2015 NP & PA Survey

As we charge ahead into 2015, we want to take a moment to get a better idea of what your typical work day looks like. We're curious how many patients you usually see and what issues you treat. Help us cover more of the healthcare trends and topics that matter to you by taking this quick survey.  Click here to participate.

Population Health Resource Center

As the leading approach to healthcare management, population health impacts NPs and PAs across the spectrum of care. Visit our resource center for news, features and events focused on this growing component of the healthcare industry.  Take a look here!

Utilization of PAs in Disaster Response

Disaster medicine is one of the many areas of medicine in which PAs practice. The military corpsmen trained as the first PAs came from a background of trauma and disaster, so the profession's current participation should not seem surprising. But the path has not always been clear and some would say it still is not.  Read more here.

Are Recruiters Ignoring Your Resume?

Are you becoming frustrated because you have been applying for jobs and don't receive any response? Does it seem that even though you have all the right qualifications that your applications are still unanswered?  It may be time to look at your tactics.

In the not-too-distant future, Apple will unleash its first piece of wearable technology. It promises to keep our notifications, mail, messages and more at arm’s length, so we don’t have to dig out our phones every time we think we hear a vibration. If you want to be one of the first to own it, now’s your chance to win one for free.