ADVANCE for NPs and PAs
February 4, 2016

Digital Edition

Our New Issue Is Live

Click the link below to access our January/February issue of Nurse Practitioner Perspective. This edition highlights a variety of topics including weight loss strategies for patients and cervical screening as well as what the average nurse practitioner was paid in 2015. That's right, the results of the National Salary Survey of Nurse Practitioners are in!  Don't miss a single issue!

Genetically Engineered Foods

Health professionals need to be armed with the facts about agriculture and genetic engineering to effectively answer patient questions and inform other health professionals.  Learn more here.

Drive & Stick

People aren't just cruising through the coffee drive-through lane on their way into work anymore. They're getting flu shots on the go.  Flu shots delivered via drive-through clinics and Uber help increase vaccination rates.

HPV Vaccination in Adolescent Girls

Human papillomavirus is so prevalent that experts predict almost all people who are sexually active will become infected with one or more types of the virus during their lifetimes.  NPs and PAs should be aware of common vaccination barriers within their practices.

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