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Waiting Rooms, Weight Loss and More

The new issue of Nurse Practitioner Perspective is now available! Our July/August issue features an article about waiting room design and decor, as well as a CE offering on how to provide effective weight loss services in primary care settings -- and get reimbursed for it. Print edition subscribers, your issue will arrive shortly. To sign up for a free subscription, use the subscribe tools in the top right corner of our website.
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You're the Expert

More and more NPs and PAs are being hired as expert witnesses, and our recent legal column provides an introduction to this work. Think of the expert witness as a teacher. You will first educate the lawyer who hires you about the case, specifically whether a breach of duty did or did not occur. Next, you will educate opposing counsel about the case at a deposition. If the case goes to trial, you will educate the judge or jury.
 The fact that you are paid to testify will come up in questioning.

The Future of Patient Care

In an effort to provide evidence-based explanations for patients, providers and payers, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) was authorized as part of the Affordable Care Act.
With a specific focus on comparative-effectiveness studies and research procedures that involve patients, caregivers and clinicians in every facet, the nonprofit has set the stage for truly patient-centered outcomes research. Learn more in this new article.
 Improving care through high-integrity research

Call Me 'Doctor.' I earned it.

DNP Answers blogger Keischa Cash recently posted about a common scenario DNPs are facing in the workplace: the struggle to be called "doctor" when they explain they are a doctor of nursing practice. "I was told by a higher up in the company that the clinic had never allowed and would never allow other non-physician providers to use the title doctor and in his words (not mine) said, 'let's face it, PhDs are not real doctors!' I about choked, thinking, Could he really be serious?"
   'Fight for what you believe in.'