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Annual Fall Conference

AFPPA Honors Winners

The Association of Family Practice Physician Assistants (AFPPA) is meeting this week in Phoenix, and sandwiched in between the many useful learning and networking activities is the opportunity to honor the winners of the organization's annual poster contest. Check our news area for information about the winners of the PA and PA student categories. AFPPA plans CE conferences for PAs as well as NPs.
   Focus of the winning poster: herpes knowledge

End-Stage Renal Disease

As U.S. rates of diabetes and hypertension climb and as patient populations are living longer, chronic kidney disease (CKD) is on the increase. Many cases of CKD progress to end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Because dialysis is one of the most popular management tools for ESRD, patients will need to be informed about their dialysis options.
   Deciding on dialysis is a personal decision.

Treating Obesity in Primary Care

Primary care providers often perceive obesity management as time consuming and generally unsuccessful. Primary care NPs and PAs must become familiar with best practice guidelines for weight counseling, pharmacologic interventions and surgical referral. Due to lengthy office visits and frequent follow-up appointments necessary for weight loss, reimbursement is also a major concern. This article reviews best practice treatment guidelines and provides recommendations for how to maximize reimbursement incentives.
 A guide to interventions and reimbursement

What About Mental Health?

One in 4 adults experiences mental illness and one in 17 adults suffers with severe mental illness. With the recent death of Robin Williams, mental health has certainly been in the forefront of many minds. It has been highlighted in the news media, conversations and, of course, the hearts of the many fans of the late actor. But what are we doing about this issue in our healthcare system, especially as primary care providers? One of our DNP bloggers recently reflected on this topic ...
   DNPs should play an influential role.

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