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Manifestations of RA

Did you know that most patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have at least one comorbid condition or extra-articular manifestation of the disease? This is of equal concern to the joint damage caused by RA. Learn more in our new article, which is associated with continuing education contact hours for NPs.
   About 0.6% of U.S. adults have rheumatoid arthritis

Consider additional weapons for acute gout treatment. 

Anaphylaxis Update

The incidence of anaphylaxis is rising in developed countries, particularly in young children. NPs and PAs must be vigilant in identifying both adult and pediatric patients at risk for anaphylaxis and work to educate them about responding to anaphylactic emergency.
 The number of treatment options has increased.

A Sample Dermatology Protocol

Our newest Dermatology Practice Today blogger is a premier expert in dermatology: Debra Shelby, the founder and president of the National Academy of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners. In her first post, Debra shares a sample protocol for NPs and PAs to use to spell out the responsibilities of work in a dermatology practice.
 Protocols should be broad but list specific aspects of practice.

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Fungal Infection in a Cancer Patients

A patient undergoing ttreatment for myelodisplastic syndrome presented to his oncologist for assessment of right periorbital pain. The oncologist initially suspected shingles and prescribed the standard treatments. When the patient's symptoms did not improve, the oncologist revised the diagnosis to presumptive temporal arteritis. Learn more about this fascinating case in this month's Case Files column.
 A rare opportunistic infection is at work.

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