ADVANCE for NPs and PAs

Career Development

The Concierge Model

One alternative for providers who do not wish to become employees of a larger system is concierge medicine! Concierge medicine is a personalized form of healthcare delivery in which patients choose a provider and pay an annual fee to receive a menu of services. As hospitals gobble up primary care practices, NPs may consider this model.
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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a growing clinical problem. Identifying and managing OSA not only improves respiratory health, but is increasingly known to impact a broad array of other serious health conditions. Diagnose your patients with SleepView®, in their homes, with support from registered polysomnographic technologists and board-certified sleep physicians. Contact us now for year end specials.

The Gut Approach

Despite the constantly evolving nature of medicine and health, some areas go overlooked and unnoticed. Nowhere is this more evident than in overall gastrointestinal health.The emergence of functional medicine is changing the way healthcare professionals assess and treat many patient complaints, including gut health needs.
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Meeting the Patient's Needs

Ultimately, it is the job of the nurse to ascertain the wants and needs of the patient and, if legal, fair, and feasible, meet those wants and needs. In other words, find out what the patient wants (or needs) and give it to them. That job does not change as we move into advanced practice and the DNP is faced with that same task. The challenge comes when the patient can't or won't follow the treatment regimen that is prescribed for them.
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Lyme Disease

Lyme disease awareness has increased exponentially in recent years. Lyme disease is the most common tickborne infection in the United States and is an important topic for NPs and PAs practicing in high-risk areas. This article synthesizes the current literature on the topic.
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