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6 Myths About Hospice Care

The term "hospice care" has many negative connotations that aren't deserved.

Hospice care is a service offered to individuals who have been diagnosed by at least 2 physicians as having 6 months or less to live (should the disease run its naturally predicted course). The point of hospice care is to give support to these patients by focusing on their comfort and quality of life, so they can live as long as possible at home, surrounded by family and friends at home. 

It sounds like a wonderful, compassionate idea. How, then, has it come to have such negative connotations for so many people? Not only do many private citizens misunderstand the goal of hospice care -- many healthcare professionals do, also. This is why education on this topic is so vital.

What is hospice care, really? Is it any different from palliative care? Can only elderly people request hospice services? Does saying "yes" to hospice care automatically mean foregoing other forms of treatment?

ADVANCE has prepared a handy infographic to bring you the truth and to dispel some of the more common myths about hospice care.


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