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2012 NP & PA Salary By Academic Degree

View our latest breakout report.

ADVANCE for NPs & PAs presents this exclusive focused report on NP and PA salaries according to academic degree. Breaking down data from the original survey, we evaluate average pay scale in relation to the highest degrees obtained. As with salaries overall, some declines were identified.  We have listed 2011 salary averages for comparison.  Data collection for the 2013 National Salary Survey opens June 1. Make sure you are counted! Access this survey from June 1 to Oct. 31, 2013 at this link:


I agree with Michelle re: the reason that Bachelor degree PAs making more than Master's degree PAs. We have been practicing longer and get a bump in pay for that. It will probably be that way for another 20 years or so until the body of PAs that have Bachelor degrees retire.

One thing that I would note in the survey is that it focuses on Doctorate degrees (leaning towards the NP focus on that degree), while it does not focus on what type of Master's degree. As a PA with a BS (and a prior BA), I purposefully chose to get an MBA and not a healthcare-related Master's (MHA, MPH) though I still practice clinically. I make $30K/annum more than my NP colleague with similar clinical experience/years and an MSN. During the interview process the MBA was brought up more than once.

Food for thought.

David  Stewart July 26, 2013
Menlo Park , CA

Graciela, the data is correct. The higher salary numbers reflect that PAs with associate and bachelor's degrees have been in the work force for many years and therefore they make higher salaries.

Michelle Pronsati,  Editor,  ADVANCE for NPs & PAsJune 12, 2013
King of Prussia, PA

Is there a mistake in the report for PAs on the salaries for 2012, where the associate and the bachellor degrees are making more than the master's degree? This does not make sense... ??? Please check this, because it would be very sad to study harder, more time, more student loans to earn less??? who will want to do that?

Graciela Spencer,  PA-C, MPAS,  UHS, RBG pavilionJune 12, 2013
San Antonio, TX

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