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Do you support the practice of physician-assisted suicide?

In 1997, Oregon passed the Death with Dignity Act, allowing terminally-ill patients the option to choose how to end their lives through voluntary self-administration of lethal medications. Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) has stirred up many Americans, who are both in support of and against this kind of end-of-life practice.

Though five states have passed the Death with Dignity Act, many remain opposed 20 years later. Research and education have been conducted and taught on PAS, resulting in an almost 50/50 split in physician attitudes. Medscape released poll data in 2014, which showed 54% of physicians believed that PAS should be allowed. In 2010, only 46% of physicians were in favor of the practice.

Nurse practitioners often play a fundamental role in end-of-life care, whether it be through hospice care, palliative care, nursing homes or elsewhere. Physician assistants often find they are at the heart of care-option conversations with terminally-ill patients. Each terminally-ill case requires the aid, patience and care from an advanced practice professional.

ADVANCE wants to know what nurse practitioners and physician assistants think about PAS. Should it be allowed? Is there a benefit to this kind of end-of-life care option? Share your thoughts below.

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NO NO. NO!!!
We are here to preserve life. Not take it. First do NO Harm !!
Each individual may choose to end their life.. Their choice.
Not the MD/DO, NP or PA-C We give Meds keep them comfortable and help that person end with dignity. No Not always possible.
In countries where it is practiced Lives are ended for convenience.. Look at the Studies published.. Slippery slope. Next we will decide you are too old for health care say at 65.. Look at the argument of one of the designers of the ACA/obama care.. Slippery slope.. Not a good choice..

Jesse Belville,  Physician Assistant-Certified,  sidney Health centerJanuary 26, 2017
Sidney, MT


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