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Case Study

Pityraisis Amiantacea

What's the underlying cause?

Wound Care

Choosing the Right Wound Dressing

Four strategies for success with chronic wounds.

Case Study

Infantile Acropustulosis

A vesicopustular rash in an infant.


Atypical Fibroxanthomas

Don't overlook these symptom-free tumors.



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Salary Information

2014 Salary Survey of NPs & PAs

The results are in. Find out what survey takers had to say about their salaries.

Your Community

Dermatology Practice Today

Examining issues in skin care and skin disease.



Dermatology Education & Practice From NADNP

Advanced Dermatology Work Ups Part II

Share your thoughts on a diagnosis and treatment plan here.

All NPPA Blogs

From the NADNP

From the NADNP

Progress Report

NADNP continues to thrive and offer new programs

Practice Tips From NADNP

Tinea Cruris

This infection is on the rise in younger populations.

Practice Tips From NADNP

Rapidly Evolving Pruritic Rash:

A Case Study

Practice Tips from NADNP

Avoiding a Bloody Mess

Diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions can lower morbidity of patients.


Dermatology E-Book

Dermatology Case Highlights

Dermatology Case Highlights

Common, unusual and challenging dermatology presentations.

Featured Events

Deciphering Dermatoses

Deciphering Dermatoses

Common lesions and rashes found during skin examinations.

Skin Cancer Overview

Skin Cancer Overview

The basics of pathogenesis, variants and treatment modalities.

Basic Skin Anatomy

Basic Skin Anatomy

Learn more about cell types, malignancies and BCCs in this free webinar.

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