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March 26, 2015

Salary Survey

Salaries By State

More than 2,300 nurse practitioners and physician assistants participated in our 2014 salary survey, and it's time to see what they had to say about their compensation and career choices. Check out the newest results for a closer look at average salaries by state. And be sure to come back for our final installment detailing salaries based on academic degree.  Find out how your salary compares to other NPs and PAs working in your state.

Sleep Apnea Detection

Although thousands of corporations have implemented programs and incentives to improve employee health, many continue to overlook an issue that negatively affects operational efficiency and may result in unnecessarily high healthcare costs. Research shows that employees with obstructive sleep apnea have persistently lower productivity and higher absenteeism and consume more total healthcare dollars.  Read more here for lessons from a care program at onsite health clinics.

Education in America

In his most recent "NP & PA Student" blog, Sean Goddard, reflects on the challenges of financing advanced education. With mounting debt and a flawed system it is becoming more and more difficult to secure financial assistance. Find out what Sean has learned so far and stay tuned as he navigates this complicated process.  Share your own experience with advanced education financing.

The Mental Health Component

Healthcare expenditures for patients with diabetes can be two to three times higher than that for healthy people. Diabetes patients with psychiatric disorders face higher costs than that for patients with comorbid medical conditions. The incidence of depression and other psychiatric disorders may be 160% to 200% more prevalent in people with diabetes than in the general population.  Check out our newest "Diabetes Management" column to learn more.

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