ADVANCE for NPs and PAs
November 25, 2015

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Preparedness in Hospital Settings

Terrorism is an unfortunate reality throughout the world, but one for which the U.S. healthcare system prepares on a continuing basis. Disaster readiness programs equip facilities for events such as the ISIS attacks in Paris.  Learn more here.

CE On Demand

Continuing education is critical for every nurse practitioner. You need to keep up with a wide range of health issues, and new developments are being made all the time. CE On Demand now allows you to get 12 months of unlimited online CE for just $34.99!  If you need 4 contact hours or more, sign up now and save!

Determining a Healthy Diet

Americans are once again left scratching their heads about what they should and shouldn't be eating after the World Health Organization announced that consuming red meat could cause cancer.  A little bacon won't kill you. Or will it?

What Is Your Career IQ?

Are you beginning, re-entering or reinventing a healthcare career? Don't do it with guesswork or assumptions.  Take our test and discover your unique career strengths and weaknesses.