ADVANCE for NPs and PAs
October 1, 2015


Recognizing Dementia Warning Signs

The diagnosis of dementia is often made well after the onset of cognitive impairment and long after symptoms have presented. NPs and PAs can help ensure that adult children recognize them in parents.  Learn more here.

For antibiotic side effects, digestive and vaginal health, Florajen probiotics have been the best choice for 24 years. A probiotic's efficacy depends on the right strains in the right potency, maintained through refrigeration. Florajen probiotics are made by the only probiotic company founded and managed by bacteriologists. We understand that our highly complex microbiome–home to over 100 trillion microbes–requires high potency to make a significant impact. Affordable and close at hand in the pharmacist’s refrigerator, Florajen ensures the power and effectiveness for the well-being of your antibiotic patients.

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Empowering NPs & PAs

Since the comments made on "The View" the nursing profession and its value has been thrust into the spotlight. In the most recent "Career Coach" blog, Renee Dahring discusses the importance of empowering advanced practitioners and educating the public.  Join the conversation.

Tips for the Test

Preparing for the NP certification exam is no small feat. When studying for your chosen exam, make sure to utilize options that work best for you.  Read more here.

Salary Center

Our new Salary Center is live! Check it out to stay up-to-date on salary trends with features, surveys and more. And be sure to take the salary survey now to ensure you have the power to negotiate for the compensation you deserve.  Click here to find out more.